Safety comes first


We provide a helpful shooting guide, training, protective equipment, and of course the weapons too!

Club room for the full experience


The club room is also suitable for organizing friendly gatherings and team-building training sessions!

Give the gift of an extraordinary experience


A wide selection of experience shooting packages and weapons are waiting for you! 

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Feel free to find us at one of our contacts at the bottom of the page!

Welcome to Szombathely's best indoor shooting range!


We are the home of self-indulgent fun and purposeful practice, offering exciting challenges for both beginners and experienced shooters.

In our shooting range, we await you with modern and professional equipment so that you can explore the use of firearms with confidence. Our experienced and licensed instructors pay attention to every detail and ensure that safety comes first at all times.

Our association is committed to the promotion of shooting sports and community building. We regularly organize open days and competitions where those interested can test their skills and compete with other shooters.

We are here to help you grow and develop your passion for the sport of shooting. Whether it's fun, self-defense or competition, you'll always find the right challenge and community here.

Join us where you can experience new dimensions of shooting experiences. We look forward to welcoming you and excitedly waiting for you to be a part of this special community!

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Feedback from our guests

The best birthday present I ever received! I had never shot before, they explained everything very kindly.


I bought the big boys package for my partner, we had a great time


I will never forget this experience! I loved every minute of it! Professional team, great service! I want to try the other packages too!


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