A unique opportunity for ammunition reloaders!


The Underground Shooting Club offers the possibility to load ammunition to all those who have a licence for home shooting. But, not only can you load ammunition here, you can also try out the experimental ammunition on our range. No need to make any more unnecessary copies, as you'll find out what the recipe is right away.

Three presses are waiting for you in our ammunition loading workshop. 2 Lee Pro 1000 progressive presses with mechanical case, breech and projectile feeders, and a Dillon Super 1050 with electric case, projectile and breech feeders. The equipment available is capable of producing hundreds of rounds of pistol calibre ammunition per hour.

A Dillon RF 100 Primer Filler vibratory grader can be used to sort the dampers and a Dillon CV-2001 vibratory polisher can be used to clean the bushings.

Sticker sets available in the ammunition loading workshop:

  • 9 mm Luger
  • .38 Spec / 357 Mag.
  • .45 ACP / .45 GAP
  • .223 Rem.
  • .308 WinMag


Is loaded ammunition better than factory ammunition?

This is a relative question, loaded ammunition is cheaper, but it depends on the price of the ammunition, which also reflects the quality, and it also depends on whether you load it in a new or used case.

The advantage is that you can make more accurate ammunition with a better dispersion pattern.

If you have a rare or unique caliber, for which in our country there is unfortunately often a shortage of ammunition, or if you want to use a projectile that cannot be used as an assembled ammunition for the given caliber, there is no question that you should choose loaded ammunition.

This gives a much wider choice of ammunition within a given calibre.

You can adapt the ammunition to your weapon, to the parameters of the barrel of your weapon. This is determined by parameters such as the length of the transition cone, i.e. how far the projectile can be released or inserted. Consideration must be given to the given barrel length and wire rise, the most ideal burn rate for the given projectile mass. Choosing the right powder is an important prerequisite for accurate ammunition, so that it burns at the exact length of the barrel. Factory ammunition cannot do this, it is made to a high tolerance.

The point of loaded ammunition is that you can tailor the parameters of your ammunition to your weapon and achieve greater accuracy.