Do I have to book a slot?

Yes. That is the only way we can guarantee a slot for you, not to mention an available instructor. Please book a weekday slot a week, and a weekend slot 2 weeks in advance on +36–70 /505 9084. If you show up without a booked slot, you may not be able to shoot at all.

Are there any prerequisites?

The most important requirement is that you are above 18 years of age with full legal capacity and are legally not banned from any activity. You cannot shoot under the influence of alcohol, drugs, psychotropic agents or any other medication.

Can I shoot more than what’s offered in the chosen package? Do I have to pay the complete package price once again, if I want to shoot more?

If you bought a package and have used up all your allowance, you can of course purchase additional shots. In this scenario, you only have to pay the unit price of each additional cartridge.

Do I have to stick with the guns listed for the package or is it possible to design a custom package?

It is possible to mix & match, in fact, you can also choose a single gun only if you wish. To do this, however, you need to get in touch with us for a custom price.

Can I shoot full auto?

No, according to rules and regulations in Hungary, fully automatic firing, just like the use of silencers, is restricted.

What clothes should I wear?

We operate a fully heated indoor shooting range. Please wear comfortable, casual clothes and try to avoid button-down shirts and cleavage dresses (to our greatest regret!). It’s a bad idea to wear tight and rigid clothes (leather jackets) since they restrict your range of movement.

Can I share my package with others?

No, sharing a package is not an option. The prices are valid for a single shooter only.

Can I take people to watch?

Of course, you can, mainly, if you take members of the fairer sex (such as sisters, cheeky friends and hot mummies). Eye and ear protection at the range is, however, compulsory for spectators as well. The instructor will decide if the presence of spectators is safe for the chosen shooting experience. They can always watch you through the camera from the club area, though.

Are children allowed at the range?

Small children can only attend under complete parental supervision. Needless to say that they must behave in an orderly manner in order to avoid any danger.

I’m pregnant. Can I shoot?

You can come along in the firs 2 trimesters, but only at your own risk. Once you hit the 3rd trimester you absolutely cannot participate. This is due to the significant noise pollution which would potentially leave your child hearing impaired. We take absolutely no responsibility for any problem that may arise as a result. The club area is, however, available for everybody.

Can I take pictures and videos?

Of course you can. Pictures and videos, in compliance with the safety rules, can be taken during your shooting session and afterwards with an unloaded gun. You can also upload these images to social media sites.

Can I take my targets and empty shells?

Of course you can. There is no regulation in place against carrying an empty shell. Do not take empty shells to an airplane, though. That is strictly forbidden.

At what age can I become a member?

The most important requirement is that you are above 18 years of age with full legal capacity and are legally not banned from any activity. Furthermore, you must pay the annual member fee and accept our Articles of Association and Terms & Conditions.

How do I become a qualified sport shooter?

As a club member, you need to regularly participate in training sessions as well as competitions. You can become a qualified shooter based on your results. You must also undergo a medical checkup once a year.

Does the club provide a gun for training purposes?

Our club has a few guns that you can use at the beginning. However, in order to compete, you need to obtain your own gun and gear. The club as well as the shop will help you choose your ideal equipment. You can also store your chosen gun in our dedicated storage.

I wear glasses. Can I still become a member? Am I allowed to shoot in glasses?

Yes. If you are allowed to drive a car and the condition of your eye(s) doesn’t keep you from aiming, you can of course become a member.

Do I have to take my own protective gear?

You must wear eye and ear protection at the shooting range. We provide recreational shooters military grade eye and ear protection gear. You are welcome to wear your own equipment at your own risk.

We are a group of people. Can we shoot?

Of course you can. The bigger the group, the better!

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