MADENTKO Underground Shooting Range & Gun Shop Ltd.

Széchenyi str. 4-6, Szombathely, H-9700

Managing Director: János Barbarics

  1. Guns available for use at the shooting range include handguns and non-automatic shotguns using handgun cartridges.
  2. The shooting range offers four firing lanes for bullseye shooting.
  3. Shooting Disciplines
  4. Bullseye shooting for 4 shooters simultaneously
  5. P.S.C shooting according to the I.P.S.C rule book (1 shooter at a time)
  6. Bullseye shooting for 4 shooters simultaneously using an airgun (no firearm certificate necessary)
  7. Shooting may only take place in the presence of an instructor.
  8. Checklist Prior to Shooting
  9. Switch on the electrical fuse of staircase “B” on the main switchboard (it sends light and sound signals, should someone approach from this direction)
  10. Lock armoured double door between the shooting range and the staircase. This door is completely bullet-proof. Double-check, if the armoured double door is locked. The double door opens from the shooting range only.
  11. Lock armoured sheets in front of windows. Double-check.
  12. Empty hazard area. The shooting range can now only be approached through the door from the yard-side close to staircase “A”.
  13. Only the shooters (1-4), the instructor, the referee or the match director may be present at the shooting range.
  14. Those at the shooting range must follow the instructions given by the instructor.
  15. All guns taken to the shooting range must be emptied and carried with the bolt open, or, in case of break-action guns, with the barrel unlatched.
  16. Guns must be kept in designated areas, such as the gun stand or a designated table. Guns and ammunition cannot be passed over to a third party or left unattended.
  17. Only shooters and instructors (referees) can stay at the firing lanes.
  • Shooters can only fire at targets and bullet traps (for testing purposes).
  • Faulty or plugged guns cannot be used. Loading, emptying or other difficulties must immediately be reported to the instructor. Faulty guns can only be handed over to the instructor (referee). Upon handover, the shooter must state if the gun is loaded or unloaded.
  • Approaching the area in front of the firing lanes is only possible with the permission of an instructor.
  • Targets can be approached upon command. Guns and ammunition cannot be taken to the targets.
  • New arrivals must leave their equipment on the counter in front of the sign ‘SAFETY AREA’. This is the designated area for assembly and dry-fire drills. Ammunition is not permitted. Loaded self-defence and service guns must be unloaded here.
  • Gun maintenance can only be carried out in designated areas. Only appointed personnel are permitted to repair guns.
  • Shooters not adhering to the rules and regulations will be excluded from shooting. People under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other psychotropic agents cannot enter the shooting range.
  • The shooting range is equipped with first aid kits. Any injury caused by a firearm must be reported to the local police authority.
  • The log book must always be kept up to date with the relevant details of shooters.
  • All shooting must temporarily cease in the duration of air ventilation. Once finished, steps 5. a. – d.