Handloading – A Unique Opportunity!

Everyone, who is licensed to handload ammunition, is welcome to make their own ammo in our club’s workshop. Not only can you handload, but you are also able to fire your piece at the shooting range. Since you can immediately check if your recipe works, the days of developing useless ammunition are over!

There are 3 reloading presses ready for action in our workshop: 2 x Lee Pro 1000 progressive presses complete with a mechanical case-, primer- and bullet feed attachment, and 1 x Dillon Super 1050 that comes with electric attachments. Our tools are suitable to produce hundreds of rounds of pistol caliber ammunition per hour.

The Dillon RF 200 Primer Filler can be used to orient primers and the Dillon CV-2001 Vibratory Case Cleaner is there to clean and maintain cases.

The following sets are available in the workshop:

    9 mm Luger

    .38 Spec / 357 Mag.

    .45 ACP / .45 GAP

    .223 Rem.

    .308 WinMag

Are Handloads Better than Factory Ammo?

It’s a matter of perspective really. Handloads are cheaper, but that also depends on the price of the projectile (which kind of expresses the quality as well) and if we load new or used cartridge cases.

A distinct advantage of handloads is that they are more accurate than factory ammo. When it comes to rare or custom calibers, we usually only have a poor selection of ammunition available in Hungary. In this scenario, handloads are the best choice without a doubt.

This way, we gain access to a larger selection of available ammunition for any given caliber.

The ammunition can be adjusted to the exact specifications of the gun. This is normally dictated by parameters such as the length of the chamber, which tells us how to seat the projectile. The length of the barrel as well as the burn rate of the gunpowder must also be taken into consideration. Choosing the right gunpowder is a crucial step of producing precise and accurate ammunition: its burn rate should correspond to the length of the barrel. Factory ammo is always produced with a relatively high tolerance and for that reason, they cannot deliver on this aspect at all.

Handloads enable us to design our ammunition according to the exact parameters of our gun. The result is precision and accuracy at a whole new level.

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