Shooting range, gun shop and club, that is UNDERGROUND. The only underground shooting range in the Western Transdanubia has been open to shooting enthusiasts in the heart of Szombathely since 2001.

Our range of services has become more and more versatile. UNDERGROUND is a place where shooting enthusiasts can fulfil their passion, and where the door is always open to hobbyists, professionals as well as rookies.

The shooting range is designed for IPSC, IDPA and bullseye shooting. Our members include pros as well as complete beginners! Those who own their own guns are welcome to book the shooting range. The necessary ammo is available through our shop at standard market prices.

UNDERGROUND Civil Sportshooting Club offers recreational shooting services using the club’s own guns, whilst members can participate in training sessions as well as competitions, and can also buy their own sport gun, once they meet all necessary criteria.

Apart from guns, our shop stocks ammunition, knives, accessories, protective gear and cleaning equipment. Everything you need to enjoy practising this sport is available.

Members of our club enjoy more advantages: private training sessions, individual use of the shooting range, access to the club area and individual discounts.


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Address: 9700 Szombathely, Széchenyi u. 4-6.
Check-in: +36 70 505 9087
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Company reg. number: 18-09-113413

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